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School Kit Scheme

School Kit Scheme

Our School Kit scheme aspires to guarantee that children are effectively ready for their time in education.

After the Summer break, thousands of families struggle to buy new uniforms or equipment for their children.

They are forced to send them with no uniform or  their old uniforms that no longer fit and bags that are worn out with almost no other equipment such as pencil case and pencils, at times causing bullying and making it very hard for them to concentrate and use their time appropriately to gain the sufficient knowledge they need to progress in life.   

Our School kit scheme provides thousands of  needy students around the world with the right tools to success.

Our kits include  stationeries, uniforms, and bags, but most importantly a chance to focus on what's really important for their futures.

This scheme is will implemented in Syria, Turkish boarders, Palestine, Egypt and Somalia, with future plans to expand to other countries.

For only £20 per kit, you can give them a better chance in life.