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Vocational Training Programme

Turkey, Palestine, Egypt
Vocational Training Programme

Blesses Vocational Training Programme


Blesses charity  is dedicated to sustainable development. Being capable of earning a living from a skill is a long-term solution to poverty. We help individuals and their families to break down the cycle of poverty. Our Vocational training scheme helps out communities to get stronger and develop brighter  futures for their children.


Blesses  Vocational Training scheme  was established to help distressed and troubled women especially those with no  skills or other breadwinners around to support them. Blesses approach means we can also help the children of women attending the Institute, which offers the whole family a chance to break free of poverty.


Our vocational training scheme  was set up to give employment opportunities and to create earnings to enable disadvantaged women to secure a decent and respectable life .


The scheme  works with women in poverty; young adults  and with widows, aged 16 to 25 years old. This age group is particularly targeted as it is a crucial period of self-discovery and self-development for women and young adults.



Project aims


To arrange vocational and technical training courses to enhance skills and enable women to lead a subsistent life

To develop processes to enable women to generate income, through micro-credit and allied programmes and by developing self-help groups

To help young people to develop an independent way of living

To help women and young people to attain a more meaningful lifestyle by facilitating their withdrawal from the streets and moving into a recognized skill/trade

To develop self-confidence and individual potential.


Our courses include:

Sewing courses

Graphic design courses

Catering and cooking  courses